June 8, 2013

Seattle REMIX

For some reason this last week was a stressful one. By the time Friday rolled around, everyone was at their wits end and in dire need of a drink or two. Lucky for us the Seattle Art Museum's REMIX was on Friday- the perfect excuse to let loose and forget about the weary week.

I was terribly indecisive about what to wear but finally settled on this:

Jacket: Adidas Original
Shirt: Nordstrom
Leggings: TopShop
Shoes: Nike
Huge shout out to Abs for doing my make up!
 After freshening up, we threw back some margaritas, called our UBER cab's and headed into downtown to the event of the night.

This being my first time to SAM Remix, I really didn't know what to expect. The whole museum closed for the night and throughout the building were art activities and fun games to join in on. There were dance floors, DJ's, bar's and plenty of people watching. After stocking up on more beverages, we headed off to the activities area and got creative.

tile drawing

masterpiece wall
drag-queen bingo

Tickets were limited and I'm glad I got mine early-- I will definitely be doing this again next year! Check out the SAM Calendar for a list of all the cool & artsy activities going on this summer.


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