October 15, 2014

Autumn at Cannon Beach

With summer being officially over and the cold weather creeping steadily back into the Pacific Northwest, it felt like it was time for a little getaway. Looking forward to a weekend of relaxing along the salty beaches of the Oregon Coast, I packed Louis the II and zipped down Interstate 101.

We arrived just in time for last call at the hardware-store-and-restaurant (appropriately named Hardware) then dumped our stuff off at the house. I pulled on my rain boots and we headed straight for the beach. There was a super low tide that evening, and we spent the night scavenging the sand for razor clams.

In the morning, we walked from the North Beach to our favorite coffee spot, the Sleeping Monk. Then it was off to Nehalem Bay to an afternoon of crabbing. Followed, of course, by a spectacularly delicious seafood dinner. 

Cannon Beach is my favorite during the fall. With all the tourists gone and only the locals to rub elbows with, there's hardly any competition to get your hands on some seriously good seafood.


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