June 23, 2014

The BEST Meal in Shinjuku

Shinjuku is said to be "the Times Square of Tokyo." I could see why people might say that: It's home to Studio Alta (with its has huge television screens across the main building, consistantly playing music videos) and there are a ton of lights and neon signs on all the towering skyscrapers. But in all honesty, Shinjuku is nothing like New York City's infamous Time Square: it's unlike anything you have ever experienced before. 

Simply put, Shinjuku is probably 3 times bigger than Times Square and is completely overwhelming to the senses: there are the lights, the neon signs, the sound of the numerous videos competing against each other, the stores, the cars, and most overwhelming of all: the people. In Times Square is literally a square block of tourists. Shinjuku is an entire city packed with locals and tourists (but mostly locals). 

Since it's close to the House, we go to Shinjuku all the time. And, after twenty-something years, I have finally found my favorite restaurant:.  船橋屋 本店  Funabashiya Honten. This tempera restaurant is over 100 years old and still serves up their renown fried veggies, fish and shrimp. It's an institution in and of itself. If you're ever in Shinjuku, get in line. It's worth the wait. 

Lucky for us, we beat the rush. We got a table right away and I watched (drooled is more like it) as the chiefs made their signature tempera. 

When our tempera was fresh out of the pot, the waiter brought the goods straight to the table. And, as always with Japanese culture, presentation is everything. Our tempera was placed delicately on our plates along with the rest of the meal. Hands down the best tempera I have ever had: Perfectly flakey, not too fried and extremely fresh.

After licking our plates clean, it was time to step back into humidity and explore the city. 
And look, we missed the line!


  1. Recently I just came back from my official tour of Tokyo. I went there for a short time that way I can’t explore its many attractive sites but, I went to Shinjuku with delegations to enjoy the some local hotels, shopping and nightlife. After reading your blog I realized that I missed to visit the nice place and taste of delicious food. I will go there again soon with my brother before his west coast tour.

  2. Jack- There are a ton of great places in Shinjuku - there's no way to get everything thing in 1 trip! Glad my post was informative and I hope you have safe travels.