June 5, 2014

Denim Jacket Re-Make

Remember those coats or jackets your mom used to get you in middle school, or even high school, that were just a little too big for you, but you ended up keeping them anyways because you were told "You'll grow into it"?

Right. Well like many other teens, I had a similar experience. The unfortunate part wasn't getting a jacket that was too big and that I couldn't wear until I was older. No. The most unfortunate part was that I literally never grew into them. How ridiculous is that? I never grew. As a late bloomer in every respect of the word, I still have one or two jackets hanging in the coat closet that I've refused to throw out or donate because I'm determined that I will 'grow into it'. 

After doing a serious spring clean through my closet this last weekend, I stumbled upon such a jacket: a (basically brand new) denim Abercrombie & Fitch jacket. There's a word I'm sure I haven't said in the last 10 years, "Abercrombie". But it was, just hanging pathetically in the back. So naturally I stripped it from it's hanger and put it on.

The sleeves were way too long (a ludicrous trend from the early 2000's), the torso portion was also long, and it was extremely boxy around the middle. 

Then inspiration - the type that only hours of Pinterest could have produced - struck me: I shall crop this jacket and I shall wear it with a a maxi. 

Not only did I crop the torso, but I got rid of the absurdly chunky cuffs as well. Then, to make it less precise, I fringed the hem.  And of course, since it's not 2001 anymore, I unstitched the 'abercrombie & fitch' off the front. 

Perfect. I now have a lovely cropped denim jacket. 
I knew I'd grow into you eventually. xx

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