March 27, 2014


A couple months ago I was asked to do some behind the scenes photography for a friend.
She is quite the entrepreneur and was working on launching her 3rd company called BEVEE.

Then about a week ago I was invited to the company's Launch Party!
I was very excited to see the finished product and hear the excited chatter from the other guests. And as I expected, everyone was as obsessed with Sidekick BEVEE Bag as I was!

The signature bag of BEVEE is the Sidekick which is absolutely gorgeous. Made with the softest leather, the Sidekick was designed for the girl-on-the go which means it can transform from a cross body bag to a clutch in a snap-- literally! You can even just take out the detachable billfold from the inside and slip everything you need in your back pocket.
Genius, I tell you.

And the best part?
It comes in the most desirable and luxurious colors...

Founders DT & Sasha

To get your Sidekick you can check out their site HERE!
They're pretty heavy on social media so I'd start following them on Insta and Twitter :)


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