March 6, 2014

Hand Model Part II

It's pretty fun to think about my little trips to LA. I'm only there for 24 hours or so, but still, it's LA!
The last time I was there I didn't know what I was getting myself into.
This time, however, I was fully prepared.

I flew out of SEA bright and early and arrived in LAX just in time for the morning rush hour. After safely arrive at the shoot, I got fully prepped and dived right in to a day of hand modeling!

Feeling like BEYONCE, no?

The day went by so fast that, by the time I had to head back to LAX, I felt like I had only just arrived! By 11:00 pm I was back in the Emerald City.
And just a week or so later, we got to see the some of the final prints...

Being a model (even just a little hand model) for a day was an invigorating break from the office. Hopefully I get to do it again soon! Wouldn't you agree?


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