January 20, 2014

Biscuits to Die For

What is it about biscuits that are so delicious?  Is it their fluffy insides? Is it that golden and slightly crisp outside? Is it how perfectly butter melts when it's on it?

Well, whatever it is, biscuits are one of my favorite breakfast sides. They're great for cleaning up that leftover sauce on your plate or topping with eggs. Or just eating plain with some jam. So, my dear friends, it is with a happy stomach that I introduce you to some biscuits that are as incredible alone as they are part of these towering sandwiches.

Meet the Seattle Biscuit Company Food Truck! (Insert doves flying and a choir singing here) 

This "farm to biscuit" truck has no mystery behind it: it's just good ingredients and good cooks that produce ah-maz-ing food. Plus it has a slightly Seattle/Portland-hipster-vibe to it which, let's be honest, I kind of love.

I mean, come on. Do these not make you salivate or what?
The Che
The Varner
I had the special 'Varner' biscuit sandwich: egg, Beechers cheese, spicy Andouille sausage and peach jelly. Mom had the 'Che': egg, bacon, ham, cheese, pickels, sweet onion mustard and apple butter.

You can find these bad boys only on the weekends. Saturday they're on Cap Hill and Sunday they're in Ballard. Details on their site HERE!

I'll definitely be hunting down these bad boys next weekend. See you there?

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