February 8, 2013

Can't Run from Dim Sum

For the last year or so dim sum has become one of the most popular foods on the Eastside.
I'm a huge fan of the Chinese dumplings.  So much so that when the dim sum restaurant Din Tai Fung opened in Bellevue a few years ago, I was so excited.

The front of the restaurant has glass windows that look into the kitchen so, while you're waiting for your table, you can drool shamelessly at the cooks freshly making the dumplings. Surprisingly, it helps pass the time...

Now dinner at the trendy dumpling house has become some what of a regular thing for me and my friend K. She and I like to meet up for a late dinner, gossip and share stories while satisfying our taste buds with delicious dim sum.

Sharing is the best way to do dim sum.
Our usual meal consists of fried rice, pork dumplings, bok choi, and (our personal favorite) vegetable and pork wontons in spicy sauce.

For the full menu click HERE.

February 3, 2013

Official Member!

It's official: I'm a Paddy Coynes Club Member!

After months of hard work and perseverance, I have finally finished my first Drink Card at Paddy's.

When you fill out the 1st card you get your Membership card, a fancy Polo, and 10% your tab.
When you fill out the 2nd card, you get a membership jacket.
When you fill out the 3rd card, you get nothing.
No, seriously, absolutely nothing.
But when you fill out the 4th card, you get your name on a shiny plaque that sits in the pub forever.

I want the plaque.

And last night I became one card closer to my goal!

To find a Paddy's and start your quest to the plaque, click HERE.