March 31, 2013

Barolo Loco

What happens when you add a Brit, 2 Washingtonian's, and Seattle's spring time sunshine together? 

A fabulous rendezvous in Downtown.

Now, combine that with 3 plates of fried calamari, Happy Hour Cocktails and a slight obsession with material goods, and you will get one hell of an evening. At least, that's what happened this weekend when I met up with Abs and KT at Barolo in downtown Seattle.

It's rare to find good Happy Hour on the weekends. When I walked into the chic Ristorante on Saturday night, Happy Hour was in full swing and the tables were packed. 

First thing we did, of course, was check out the cocktails. 
KT and I ordered the Italian Lemondrop. It was deliciously refreshing! 
Abs got the Bellini Tini- a scrumptious peach martini that hit the spot. Then she ordered the gorgeous X-rated martini. That's at the top of my list to try next time!

We ordered plenty of calamari (one of my favorite small plates), and enough food to walk away completely satisfied. 

Eggplant Parmiggiana

Fried Calamari

Tuna Tartare with Ginger & Honey Melange

Ahi TUna Carpaccio with Horseradish Crema

Ravioli with Spicy Ricotta & Spinach

By the time we drained our drinks, our stomach's were grinning with satisfaction.
If you're ever shopping downtown and fancy some Italian to refuel, I'd highly recommend Barolo.
Menu's HERE!


March 18, 2013

Lacquer Lizzard

With my new full time big girl j-o-b I haven't have very much spare time to write. I've been meaning to document all the happenings around this fabulous new post I've been given- especially since it's in the beauty & fashion world.

I'm constantly surrounded by gorgeous colors, trendy sales women from the first floor, and a top notch fashionista who sits right next door to me. It's been a whirlwind- is it already the middle of March? With that said, here are a few images I've been meaning to share. It's a little inside scoop on what I've been up to and stylist people I've been spending time with...

March 17, 2013

Tasty & Alder

My love of Portlandia food is a little outrageous.
Every time I leave the 503, I'm already planning on where I want to eat the next time I'm in town.
One this such spontaneous trip I had nothing in mind for dinner, so it was quite a treat with B and Pmun decided to family style dinner at Tasty & Alder.

The restaurant is new to Downtown, but the sister restaurant [Tasty & Sons] in North Portland, is renown. The menu's are similar, and the ambiance is intimately trendy. Since I loved the food so much at Tasty & Sons, I figured I would have the same feelings at Tasty & Alder.

And I was right!

The food was amazing and the ambiance was perfect.
We got there at 5:15, 15 minutes before the restaurant floor officially opened for dinner. We waited at the bar, had some hush puppies, got a drink and waited patiently for 5:30.

Low Country Hush Puppies

It's a good thing we got there early, because as soon as 5:30 hit, the entrance was packed.
The three of us were seated at the end of a large table that we shared with other hungry Portlanders.
By the time we got our first dish, the restaurant was completely full.
Pork Jagerschnitzel
Goat Cheese Dumplings
Simple Greens

It was a delicious meal shared with my two best buds in Portland. Not pictured is the Brick Chicken and the cocktail nuts-- yum!
After we stuffed ourselves with gourmet comfort food, we headed off to the Jeld-Wen Field to watch the Timbers game.

For info about Tasty & Alder go HERE! 

March 4, 2013

Black Bottle Business

My dear friend who I met while studying abroad in London came to visit last weekend!
She actually lives in Colorado (thank goodness- if she lived any further away I'd have some serious withdrawals ) and came to play in the Pacific Northwest.

There are always new spots popping up around the Eastside, and Black Bottle Postern is one of them. The original Black Bottle is in Seattle, and I've been dying to try out Postern. So H.Toth's holiday out here to see me was the perfect excuse to check it out!

 She also brought Wilson, so that was also perfect.

The restaurant is dimly lit, with lots of gorgeous wooden tables and a fully stocked bar. The whole menu is designed to be shared- which I absolutely love!

After we ordered some drinks, we started with the gorgonzola cream chicken. Oh. My. God. Creamy and perfectly cooked, the chicken was to die for.

Next came the flatbread loaded with arugula (my favorite), pulled pork tacos, and Black Bottle's infamous blasted broccoli. Now, I'm not sure what they "blast" the broccoli with, but let me tell you... it was AMAZING. Slightly grilled, garlic-y and scrumptious. Mmmm. Yum!

For details about Black Bottle Postern on the Eastside, check out their menu.
It's a great place for girlfriends, dates, or big parties. I love the whole "family style" small plates and if you do too, this place is for you! Yum!