March 4, 2013

Black Bottle Business

My dear friend who I met while studying abroad in London came to visit last weekend!
She actually lives in Colorado (thank goodness- if she lived any further away I'd have some serious withdrawals ) and came to play in the Pacific Northwest.

There are always new spots popping up around the Eastside, and Black Bottle Postern is one of them. The original Black Bottle is in Seattle, and I've been dying to try out Postern. So H.Toth's holiday out here to see me was the perfect excuse to check it out!

 She also brought Wilson, so that was also perfect.

The restaurant is dimly lit, with lots of gorgeous wooden tables and a fully stocked bar. The whole menu is designed to be shared- which I absolutely love!

After we ordered some drinks, we started with the gorgonzola cream chicken. Oh. My. God. Creamy and perfectly cooked, the chicken was to die for.

Next came the flatbread loaded with arugula (my favorite), pulled pork tacos, and Black Bottle's infamous blasted broccoli. Now, I'm not sure what they "blast" the broccoli with, but let me tell you... it was AMAZING. Slightly grilled, garlic-y and scrumptious. Mmmm. Yum!

For details about Black Bottle Postern on the Eastside, check out their menu.
It's a great place for girlfriends, dates, or big parties. I love the whole "family style" small plates and if you do too, this place is for you! Yum!

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