August 15, 2013

Porque No?

I think by now many of you know that the way to my heart is simple: good food.
Having ventured down to Portland for the last time this summer (*sigh*), it was time to hit some spots I hadn't had a chance to get to earlier.

With that in mind, Porque No? was at the top of my list.

Erin & I waited patiently in line for a late lunch, admiring the menu and getting our fill of Vitamin D. A line outside a restaurant, or any establishment really, in Portland is a sign of good quality. If people are willing to wait around the block for it, it must be good. And that's how it is at this fine taqueria. There's nearly ALWAYS a line.

We both ordered the white sangria-- a brilliant choice on a summer afternoon-- and the Brian's Bowl. As we perched at our window bar, we sipped our sangria and people watched.  Our Bowl's were completely devoured minutes later ...
A year or so ago Porque No? was rated as being one of the best restaurants in Portland. It's one of my favorite places to go-- as long as you're okay with waiting awhile. But let me tell you, my dear friends, every minute you wait outside is totally worth it.


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