August 31, 2013

Time to Pack

I've been spending a majority of the week thinking about what I needed to pack for my little trip. My running list has gone from just a few necessities to a long list of 'do not forget!!' 's. 
Today I had the chance to get everything sorted and packed away. 

- Plethora of shoes: check!
- Abundance of jewelry: check!
- Carry-on necessities: check (and updated from my last big trip
- Any and all work-related items: double check!

shoes on shoes on shoes 
The more jewels, the better! 

For this trip, I've packed an all-purpose ready-for-anything toiletries bag: 
Tide To-Go Pen: For all those rushed meals and "oops"moments.

Colgate Wisp's: A clean mouth can be taken for granted when you're always on the move. So why compromise? I'm taking these little babies with me everywhere. 

butter LONDON Tinted Lip Balm: Better than lipstick and lasts much longer.

Tums: Just in case

Protein bar: When you're always in a rush, a solid snack is worth its weight in gold! Plus, I can't NOT eat! 

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer: To cover up those dark circles under the eyes. Looking haggard isn't cute. 

Aleve: For anything from headaches to sore feet. These little guys do the trick!

Emergen-C: Staying on top of the vitamin C intake can make or break your trip, wherever you go! The last thing you want to be is sick on your holiday.

Gum: Curb your hunger, freshen that breath, gum is definitely your friend.

Vasaline: I never travel anywhere without this! Good to dab under your eyes to keep your face feeling hydrated (especially on the plane!) and doubles as make-up remover too. 
Take-with-you-anywhere items
Now that everything is all packed I can take a step back and relax. 
I'm ready to go!
You might be asking yourself, 'where is she going?'
Well dear friends, you will soon find out...

In the mean time, I'm going to pour myself a nice glass of vino and enjoy Pacific Northwest weather while it lasts. 

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