June 17, 2013

Garden of Glass

Dale Chihuley: creative genius, Washington native, eye-patched pirate, and glass-blowing extraordinaire. He gives Seattle a good rep.

His Glass & Garden museum at the Seattle Center has been around for a few years now, and crowds continue to flood the gates to check out Chihuley's masterpieces. Mom had been wanting to go since it's conception, so for her birthday we decided it was high time to go.

Native American inspiration & reflection
Pendleton blanket wall
glass ceiling 
The Museum and Garden are absolutely breathtaking. I was in awe at how detailed the glass was and the scale at which some of the glass sculptures were made. Whether you're a local or not, this is definitely something to do in Seattle. It's in the heart of the city, but you feel like you've stepped into another world made entirely of beautiful, hand-blown glass. 

After meandering around the Glass for the afternoon, we had worked up an appetite. Since we were in the mood for something casual and fun, I suggested Brave Horse Tavern for some pretzels and shuffleboard.
Dad was crowned Shuffleboard Champ and soon after we headed back to the Eastside. All in all, a fabulous weekend with the fam with the help of Dale Chihuley and Tom Douglas. Couldn't have asked for a better Sunday. xx

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