June 6, 2013

Amazon Hot Spot

It's true: Amazon thrives in Seattle.
I know a good deal of people who work there and they love it. Their "campus" is pretty nice and is located in a central Seattle area. But I think I've found the real reason why people love going to work there: the Brave Horse Tavern.

Now, if there was a trendy Tom Douglas eatery located at the bottom of MY corporate office, I'd be at my office from dusk until dawn!

I've heard a lot about this magical watering hole and decided it was high time I checked it out. So after work, the Pod and I headed to South Lake Union for a bite at the Brave Horse.

The place was absolutely packed. The patio was full and the inside was equally busy. We found a table by the window and quickly scanned the drinks menu.

When our drinks arrived, it was time for food.
Suz, Abs and I didn't hesitate and immediately ordered some plates to share.

Holy pretzels.
These babies came with smoked peanut butter & bacon dip, sour cream & onion dip, and pimento-cheddar dip. Pretty much heaven.
fried Wisconsin cheese curds
sausage, potatoes and grilled asparagus
turkey burger with all the toppings & sweet potato fries

Hours later we went our separate ways, our stomachs groaning with satisfaction.
Well done Tom Douglas, well done.
And no fair to all you Amazon workers who get to pop into this establishment whenever you please!

I heard they serve breakfast too...
Menu's & website HERE.


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