October 3, 2012

Fall for Hoodies

Today was a perfectly sunny and cool day on the Eastside.
As I drove down the street I saw some of my neighbors had their Halloween decorations up and pumpkins sitting leisurely on their porch steps. It's official: autumn is here!

Dream Kings Co, Eastsider Diaries
 And you know what that means?
Sweaters. Flannel. and Hoodies.
Eastsider Diaries, Dream Kings Co
Before college I never wore sweatshirts. But something about that preppy collegiate sweatshirt really called to me. Now I've expanded my horizons and have acquired the most delicious and comfortable sweatshirt of all time.
Eastsider Diaries, Dream Kings Co
Eastsider Diaries, Dream Kings Co
If you're a frequent follower you'll remember I did a spotlight on my friends at DKC a little bit ago. Well mon ami, they're at it again & this time they've blown me away!

Eastsider Diaries, Dream Kings Co.
Eastsider Diaries, Dream Kings Co.
No, seriously.
This sweatshirt, designed by my good friends at Dream Kings Co., is so soft and cozy that once I unwrapped it and slipped into it, I refused to take if off!

You can get yours here -- and you probably should because you'll regret it in a few weeks when temps drop even more. 
Eastsider Dairies

Soon I'll be sipping apple cider or chowing down on some home made apple crisp. In the meantime, I'll be lounging in this cozy and gorgeously savvy Dream Kings sweatshirt. You know what I say: I only wear whats good, and thats why I swear the Octopus.

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