September 26, 2012

Wine Wednesday

Hump day: the middle of the week where the weekend is sort of  looking closer but it's still beyond your mental grasp.

While most people go home and pour themselves a big glass of wine-- I say, why not enjoy it with a your girlfriends? 

We met up just in time for Happy Hour at Lot No. 3
The relatively new restaurant & bar on the Eastside has a rustic, warehouse quality to it combined with big sofa's and intimate lighting. The atmosphere is cool yet it was so easy to relax once we sat down, and we spent hours drinking, eating and catching up on our latest gossip.

Lot 3 is quite acclaimed on the Eastside for their amazing take on comfort food and their incredible cocktail menu. The bartenders here are truly magicians (or chemists, whichever you prefer) and the food.... indescribably simple and delicious.

I had wine (always) and Linz had the Adult Punch. It was as delicious as it looked and came in a hipster- friendly mason jar! 

Menu here.
Website here.

On the weekends this place gets pretty crowded. If you want dinner (highly highly recommended) I'd call for reservations. Their staff is very nice & very helpful.

p.s. their bathroom's are the most rustic and coolest bathroom's I've ever been in. 

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