October 7, 2012

Tin Shed Brunch

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. It's actually kind of ridiculous how much I love breakfast food- I mean think about it: you can literally eat anything for breakfast! And there's nothing better than rolling out of bed, pouring yourself a steaming cup of tea and shoveling eggs and bacon into your salivating mouth....
Eastsider Diaries, Tin Shed
Sorry, got a bit carried away. 
But you get the general idea, right?

Sunday brunch is a glorious way to start the last day of the weekend. 
I heard a lot about Tin Shed by word of mouth and it sounded perfect for a sunny lazy Sunday. So off we went to Alberta Street in Northeast Portland for a casual brunch.
Eastsider Diaries, Tin Shed

The line was long- which I took as a good sign. While we waited for a table we poured ourself coffee and tea and stood in the shade of the building and did some genuinely good people watching. 
Eastsider Diaries, Tin Shed
When our name was called we were directed to the bar and sat excitedly on our bar stools. We watched as the bartenders rolled out Bloody Mary after Bloody Mary and the occasional latte with perfectly formed foam leaf. 
Eastsider Diaries, Tin Shed
Eastsider Diaries, Tin Shed
Then or food came: um, yum. 
We ate in silence absolutely savoring our food-- me of course taking fork-fulls of B's scramble when I thought he wasn't looking. 
I'm on the hunt for the perfect eggs benedict, and this "Benni Hill" was delicious! 
Eastsider Diaries
the Benni Hill
Eastsider Diaries, Tin Shed
the Good Dog scramble
Eastsider Diaries, Tin Shed
If you're interested in breakfast, check out their menu here
But they also serve lunch and dinner too, all of which can be found on their site!

Like many Portland restaurants & small businesses, Tin Shed pride themselves on sustainability and the process from which their food gets put on their plates. If you want good food, and don't mind a bit of a wait, I'd suggest you get your toosh to the Shed. 


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  1. Yumm, looks like you two had fun! I'm excited to hear about more of your favorite finds!

    -Notsoanonymous Jules