July 24, 2013

Tea Time at the Secret Garden

Over the weekend the girls and I did the most elegant thing we could think of: we went to High Tea.

On Sunday afternoon we put on our preppiest dresses and headed down to to the Secret Garden Tea Room. It actually isn't a room at all- it's a gorgeous old Victorian house set in the picturesque valley of Sumner. Although this isn't my neck of the woods, it's worth the miles. 

We sipped our respective tea (I had the Afternoon Garden Party Tea), and chatted while we waited for our lunch. Loose quotations on the word "lunch"... it was more of a delicious, miniature feast.

First, a lovely cup of soup. Today was a light lemon chicken with rice soup. 

Then, of course, came the scones. And there would be no scones and tea without Devonshire Cream, apricot jam, and lemon curd.
After that, it was a Marionberry sorbet to clean the palette. 

Then came the main course: our tiered rack full of tea sandwiches, fruit, savory pastries, and topped with fabulous desserts. 

There are several different types of tea you can have here at the Secret Garden. I had the Hollycock High Tea, which was absolutely fabulous. If you're looking for a fun little getaway with your girlfriends, this is the place. Daydream like you're in a Jane Austen book (though, significantly more modern) and dine on a traditional English High Tea. It's quite lovely. And makes you feel rather sophisticated, if I do say so myself! x 

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