July 18, 2013

Soup House Obsession

Now, when I say "Soup House" I'm sure many of you are thinking of some Eastside restaurant with a busy happy hour and mood lighting for the evenings.

As much as I love the Eastside, this soup spot is far from anything you would find in the 425.

Lect's Soup Stop is in Georgetown, right down the graveled and pot-holed street from the Georgetown Brewing Co. This little converted house has been transformed into the local hot spot. The walk-up window gets surrounded by patrons ordering the soup of the day, or else waiting patiently around for their to-go lunch.

They feature one new soup each day. Whatever leftovers they have, they sell the next day at a first-come-first-serve basis. So basically if you liked the soup from today, you'd better get there early if you want it tomorrow.

It's hard to image that something so simple as soup gets this much praise! But trust me- it is well deserved. This place is popular for a reason: they make damn good soup.

Yesterday I had the shredded chicken tortilla soup. Delicious.

Today I was so excited about their Brazilian Chicken Stew that I zipped out of the office in my heels down the gravel road to get some!

Lect's Soup Stop prints their Soup Calendar every month so you always know what soup their featuring. I'm almost positive half the office has this lying around their desk somewhere- I know I do!

You can find out more here and check out their calendar here!

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