November 12, 2012

Winter Is Coming...

Bootie-wearers unite! 
It's nearly winter and to any Pacific Northwesterner, we all know that fall & winter are fabulous.

Eastsider Diaries
Finally I get to take out those boots that have been hiding in their lonely shoebox and sport them with a lovely jacket or coat. Last weekend I was in Portland and fell head over heels (no pun intended) for these gorgeous Cole Haan booties:

Eastsider Diaries, Cole Haan, Bootie
With the week cold and dry, I had an excuse to wear my new favorite booties...

Eastsider Diaries
Eastsider Diaries
Eastsider Diaries
Eastsider Diaries, Booties, Cole Haan

You can find some similar here or here.

Booties: Cole Haan
Jeans: Burberry
Jacket: H&M
Scarf & gloves: Cashmere

And from the title of this post I'm sure you can tell I'm a Game of Thrones fan. If you're like me and desperately waiting for Season 3, watching this might make you feel a little better (or worse).

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