September 23, 2013

Oktoberfest Marathon

Any time Ku & Adrian host a party, I have to pace myself. Mind you, these are pretty typical parties - they have drinks, cheese plates, kids running around chasing the cats, you know, same old- but what isn't so typical are the conversations and the food.

Whenever I'm at Ku & Adrian's, I always leaving the party more educated than I would have imagined. They have quite wonderful guests and know a plethora of interesting people. Well mix these riveting people with Oktoberfest food and beer, and you've got yourself a partei!

There was an assortment of Bratwurst sausages, sweet kale salad, Schweinebraten (a succulent pork), and Knodel (potato balls) with a bacon mushroom gravy and of course, plenty of bier...

Liverwurst Mmmm...
Ketchup chips + a good ol' stein 
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Oh, and of course, there was German chocolate cake.

The food was brought out in rounds which kept me actively jumping up from my seat and dashing into the kitchen. Throughout the evening was feeding my hungry eyes as well as my stomach. Being among so many experienced travelers and cooks, I couldn't help picking their brain for their favourite recipes...

Then the dancing began. It just wouldn't be Oktoberfest without the Chicken Dance or a folk dance.

By the time the Seahawks had thoroughly demolished Jacksonville, I was sipping spicy German tea and heading home. Another great party, my friends. Danke!

Ps. Need a little pick-me-up? Watch this video- it's what I was watching below. Hi-lar-ious. x

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