May 29, 2013

Savvy Sightseer

City travel essentials:

1.  Converse. Perfect for walking long distances yet effortlessly cool.

2.  Scarf. The easiest way to turn that plain T-shirt into something a little more stylish & classy. Mine is made by Swiss designer, Felix Buhler.

3. Trench. Especially in the north west, this is a must-have. Rain? No problem. Sun? Still perfect. Mine is from Gap from about 4 years ago. 

4. Cross-body Purse. It has to be big enough to put your phone, chapstick and cards in, but small enough that you're not fretting about it being rummaged through by strangers. This one fits the bill to a T, thank you Kate Spade! 

5. Sunglasses. Even if the sun isn't obviously shining, sunglasses are a great way to shield your eyes from sidewalk vagabonds. Or to keep your boyfriend from noticing you checking out the Louis Vuitton window every time you walk back to the hotel...

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