December 9, 2012

Contemporary Masquerade

Holiday parties are upon us.
Whether you're going to an Ugly Sweater party or a classy cocktail office party, you're usually guaranteed 2 things:
     1. Good company (or drinks...)
     2. Good stories to share the next day

I was invited to Sugar Mountains' holiday party as Jules plus one:
The theme was "Masquerade" and masks were required. Jules and I had a fun time picking out masks the weekend before, and when Tuesday night came along, we shimmied into our cocktail dresses & heels and headed into Seattle.
Jules & I chatted with her co-workers, played in front of the camera, and I even got my Tarot Cards read by the palm reader!

The first holiday party of the year was quite a success. The company & drinks were great, and the stories the next day were equally exciting!

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