August 13, 2012

Kick-Ass Kale Chips

This weekend I entered myself in a little raffle drawing and surprise, surprise, I won!
To my delight I received a box of fresh picked veggies from Hand-Farmed Organics full of scrumptious   goodies.

Eastsider Diaries
Eastsider Diaries
As I sifted through all the colorful veggies, I thought about what I could make with them.
And voila, I give you: The Healthiest Chips You'll Ever Eat! 

Eastsider Diaries
These little bad boys are the definition of fabulous: they're easy to make, they're good for you, and they're delicious. I mean really, what more could you ask for?

Eastsider Diaries
Kale is THE vegetable you need to be eating. And here's why: Kale is an excellent source of natural antioxidants that help lower cholesterol and lower your risk of heart disease. This green leafy super-veggie is also highly associated with cancer protection. 

Eastsider Diaries
Yeah, they're that awesome.
And if you aren't on your way to the store to get a batch, you should probably do so now.

To make your leafy chips, you'll need the following:

1 batch of Kale (washed and patted dry)
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Garlic Salt (or 2 freshly crusted garlic)
Parmesan Cheese

Take your washed Kale and tear off the leaves from the stem into bite size pieces. 

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Place them in a large bowl with the Olive Oil & Garlic Salt. For more garlic, use crushed garlic instead.

With your hands, toss & stir the leaves around so they're all lightly coated with olive oil and the salt. 

On a baking sheet, lay out some foil. Pour the Kale leaves on the foil. Be sure to keep them separated.

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Sprinkle the Parmesan Cheese over the leaves then pop the baking sheets in the oven at 300 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until crispy & looking like this. 

Eastsider Diaries
Eastsider Diaries
Once baked, let them cool before scraping them into a bowl. Ta-Da! Kick-Ass Kale Chips. 
Be sure not to inhale them in one bite -- it's tempting, I swear. 

Eastsider Diaries

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